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The creation of this specialized service sector was in response to client requests to funnel telephony questions and issues to a central point. The objective of the Help Desk Service (HDS) division is to provide corporations a clearing center to record, report and clear telephony service requests while reducing on-site technical labor costs and improving turn around response time.

The HDS center works hand in hand with corporate telecom departments often filling the voids caused by restrictions placed on headcount for in-house support. HDS services assist in the following areas:


Staff Expertise is available on a wide array of system types and vintage models. TRI HDS can support field conditions and recommend corrective action.


No Multi-Vendor Calls eliminate the need to search out qualified technical service centers across the country.


No Multiple Price Schedules TRI HDS will consolidate multiple price schedules to a standardized published price schedule regardless of location.

Monthly Reports

The TRI HDS division will supply you a monthly report on all site activity. The reports include number of calls, type of call, close out time, contact information and total service cost. TRI HDS will also include service history trends and will make recommendations for preventative procedures.