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Tandberg Video Systems - 128Kbps to 1.4Kbps

Tandberg's innovative engineering processes and state-of-the-art technology makes Tandberg's portfolio of videoconferencing systems easy to install, maintain and service. The built in SoftMux performs the functions of an external IMUX without additional hardware and cost. Tandberg's award winning technology has introduced new exceptional feature to the Vision line; the WAVE camera (the widest range available in the industry) and Tandberg's Natural Sound system, providing a meeting environment that is as natural as being in the same room.
Tandberg Health Care System III
The Health Care System (HCS) III is Tandberg's third generation Telehealth care system. The HCS III supports a wide variety of Tele-health applications including administrative, continuing medical education (CME), consultative, clinical and research. The HCS III incorporate the same award winning achievement found on the Vision Systems. The State of Florida Department of Health, University of Florida and Children Medical Services along with Tandberg were showcased during Telecom West in November. The Tandberg HCS III system was awarded the pilot TeleMedicine program to provide early detection of child abuse.

Tandberg Intern

The TANDBERG Intern has been specifically developed for use in a health care environment. It is ideal for remote consultations, clinical diagnosis, administrative conferences, and R&D applications.

Understanding that most medical examination rooms are no bigger than 10'X12', the Intern utilizes the TANDBERG W.A.V.E  (Wide Angle View) camera which delivers the widest angle of view in the industry. Its unique motorized housing design expands the degree of pan, making this camera idea for use in small examination rooms as well as large group applications.

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