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In an age when corporations explore and investigate emerging telecom products and services before they allocate capitol expenditures, the search for the right product or service can be long and exhausting. Project assignments are often given to the self proclaimed "non-qualified", "non-technical" senior management personnel who understand the companies direction but do not grasp the technology necessary to get them there.

Professioanl Services are the combination of two disciplines; consulting and field operations. The consulting services undertake the responsibility to understand the company direction, learn the interactions between company divisions and geographic boundaries and the separation of work process flow. This is accomplished through discovery meetings with key personnel and department managers. Client requirements are identified by a project management team who design a course of action that includes products and services that meet the defined requirements within the budget.

The next step in the process is to develop a project scope to insure the products and services are implemented correctly. It's normally at this stage that the traditional "telecom consultant" design begins to show signs of weakness in execution. Implementing design applications is the true sign of project management services. Each TRI technical manager has at least 10 years of field operation experience and is versed in a wide array of telecom disciplines over literally thousands of field installations.



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